Who Cares?

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Who Cares?

Apparently no one cares about the proposed tax rate, which if approved will raise property taxes.  Absolutely no residents showed up to speak at the Town’s first Public Hearing on Tuesday evening at Town Hall.  Mayor Chow was so excited to have such a short meeting that he had to be reminded by the City Manager how to follow state protocol by officially announcing the date of the next Public Hearing before adjourning the meeting.

 Few Residents on WaterTower Theatre Board

Addison taxpayer dollars support the WaterTower Theatre to the tune of $450,000 —not counting any of the maintenance costs involving the building.  But 100% of the theatre’s 2017-18 slate of Officers for its Board of Directors are non-Addison residents.  And, of the board members up for re-election, and those proposed as new Board candidates, 66% are also non-Addison residents.  Of the Board’s entire 2017-18 slate, the majority—75 %, don’t live in Addison, don’t vote in Addison, and don’t pay residential taxes in Addison.

The only two Addison residents slated to be newly elected are—former City Manager Ron Whitehead and former City Councilman Bruce Arfsten.   Assuming the entire slate gets elected, the new Board, along with the few who have not yet termed out, will still consist of 75% non-Addison residents or taxpayers.  It’s interesting that while Addison’s tax money is good enough for this theatre, there seem to be few residents that they see as qualified enough to be on its Board.


The REAL Story Behind Mayor Chow’s Complaint About ACAP

Since it was all posted on public Facebook, the rest of Addison residents might as well know what and who instigated all the flack about ACAP.

On August 14, Kristin Kilborn Middleton posted on Facebook…”I AM FURIOUS!  This was left on my front door all weekend long.  I WAS HOME on August 11th!  I Choose NOT to answer the doorbell.  I was preparing for a trip and taking items back and forth to my car in the garage.  Now I come home on Sunday afternoon and realize that anyone who may have come to my front door over the weekend KNEW that I was not home since this notice from an ACAP volunteer was posted on my front door.  Thank you Todd Meier…I’m LIVID!  (A photo of the Addison Police Department Crime Risk Report was also posted with “garage door” checked and under remarks, “Open garage—No one home.”   Not only was this accepted protocol that ACAP volunteers were trained to do at that time, ACAP volunteers were told in training to post these notices in order to help prevent theft.)

This post was then picked up by Susan Halpern and sent as follows:

“Joe Chow Paul Spencer  This is inexcusable.  There is no place for individuals who have an established record of bullying and threats directed at perceived political foes, councilmembers, employees, applicants, neighboring communities and anyone else who disagreed with him, who misused town resources to present a false narrative to voters in the last election, and who for six years abused power and the elected office he held.  Such matters are of record and the facts are irrefutable.  Is integrity not a prerequisite to empowering someone??  Time to stand up to the bully and tell him ‘no thanks’.

“I am not alone in saying that this individual is NOT to set foot anywhere on my property.”

The personal vendetta continued when Sabina Bradbury wrote:  “I emailed Chief Spencer that I do not want Todd Meier to set foot on my property!  IMHO, he cannot be trusted.  If he must patrol, the apartment complexes and shopping centers have numerous violations—parking in handicapped and in fire lanes, loitering, urinating in public-saw a guy urinating on the side of Crunch Fitness on Sat., pan handling, etc.” (If Ms. Bradbury had any understanding of the ACAP program she would know that only officers are empowered to deal with these kinds of violations.)

While these personal vendettas have been directed toward one individual, the accusations actually indict all ACAP volunteers since all of them—at one time or another—have posted similar Crime Risk Reports by just doing their job.

When an entire volunteer program that has been established to provide safety for its citizens has been put in jeopardy because of such an obvious element of hate by a few, and the Town’s current elected leadership supports that, it’s a sad day for that community. 

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, September 12  and Tuesday, September 26

“Get On Board with the Cotton Belt” DART Board Meetings

6:30 p.m. @ DART Headquarters

Addison will provide transportation, dinner, t-shirts and signs for those who sign up.

Wednesday, September 13

10 a.m. @ Dunn’s Coffee

Coffee with the Mayor


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