Where’s the Transparency? What’s the Rush?

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We have the Cotton Belt Game Changer, Valentine Day conflict, one Public Hearing and yet this Council seems to want to rush to make a decision on AMLI’s request to change the zoning of the Quorum property from Commercial to Residential so 349 apartments can be built. What’s the rush?

Valentines Day. Yes, the Council meeting happens to fall on Valentines Day. After numerous comments from residents expressing their concern that they’d like to address the public hearing, but didn’t want to have to choose between the Council meeting and their loved one’s on Valentines Day, the Mayor tried to change the date but was unable to do so. Thus, many residents are left to make a choice.

So, where’s the LOVE? Love of the Town and its impact for future generations and love of the residents who elected them. Many people express that they don’t understand what the rush is. Why can’t a final decision be postponed long enough to allow taxpayers the right to express their views, people are asking? Why don’t the people’s thoughts count?

Public Hearing. Just one public hearing has been scheduled for public input regarding this zone change. That’s a first. History shows that in the past, when the Council has considered zoning changes, several public hearings were scheduled to insure that citizens had adequate time to express their thoughts. Why not this time? What’s the rush?

Cotton Belt Game Changer. At the time of the staff’s original recommendation regarding the zoning change request no one knew when the Cotton Belt would become a reality. Now, however, we know that this shovel ready project is #14 on the new administration’s list of infrastructure projects—making a huge difference and making it a reality in the immediate future. That’s a Game Changer; a game changer that most communities would be thrilled over. A game changer that calls for pause, to re-evaluate what is really best use of the all the surrounding land and if nothing more, to take time to look at all the town’s options and leverage the new opportunities we’ve been blessed with. So what’s the rush?

The Council is faced with a 30-year, multi-million dollar decision that appears to be being ramrodded by some for a quick decision. Inquiring minds want to know WHY?

Citizens want to know why, given all the reasons above, this Council won’t consider pausing this important decision until more can be learned and more residents can express their thoughts.

Citizens what to know why some Council members seem so eager to rubberstamp this recommendation?

Citizens want to know what it is that we’re not being told.

Bottom line…………it’s time for transparency. Why the rush?

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