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What’s Next?

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First, a big “thank you” to the tremendous number of you that took time to write us and express your desire for us to continue Facts Matter. As a result, we will continue publication.

It will likely not be twice a week as it was during the campaign, but on a weekly or semi-weekly basis depending on worthwhile activity appropriate to report. Should unusual activity demand more intensive coverage we will of course adapt accordingly. 

As for the website, we are currently in the process of investigating the viability of retaining it for the future.

Again, thank you for your encouraging feedback; we will do our best to keep you informed of the many changes that are likely in store.

Installing the New Council

The official vote count is expected on Thursday, May 12, from the Dallas County Elections officials.  In order to have this documentation the City Council meeting on May 10 was cancelled and re-scheduled for Tuesday, May 17.

Fact: At the May 17 Council meeting the votes will be canvassed and the new Council members will be sworn in

Laura Bell, Town Secretary, advises that two of the newly elected Council members will be sworn in at this meeting; one is scheduled to be out of town and will be installed at the regularly scheduled May 24 Council meeting.

Fact: Bell advises that no agenda items will be handled at the May 17 meeting

The first agenda to be handled by the new Council will take place on May 24.

Interested citizens may want to consider attending the May 24 meeting to see what new thinking is presented for vote. It is anticipated that among topics that may be included will be discussion of the Mayor’s newsletter — a matter that supporters of newly voted Council members have continued to criticize.

Letters to the Editor

In case you’ve written a Letter to the Editor at the Dallas Morning News and haven’t seen in it print, a recent response to a letter submitted to counter letters from Liz Oliphant and Ralph Doherty’s letters on May 6 may provide insight into why more letters have been published from some than others.

Here’s insight received in an email from the Dallas Morning News explaining why the sender’s letter could not be printed:

The Saturday page is full already so unable to run this before the election. Yet we have run both sides, although more letters have been sent that are critical of the mayor which is why more of those have run. (Susan Halpern writes often).”

So, if you want letters of opposing views published it appears that a strong letter writing campaign by several people needs to be launched or only the Sue Halperns of the world will get their letters published.

You all deserve flowers for your support of Facts Matter. And they should be in a bouquet as stunning as this. Photo by Liz West via Flickr.

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