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Upfront Knowledge Important to Future Decisions

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The idiom “forewarned is forearmed” denotes that knowledge in advance enables one to be prepared.  Thus, with a new Council and potential new building projects being proposed, it is perhaps wise to review our Town’s current housing policy.  The following Housing Policy was passed and approved by the City Council on March 24, 2015.

“When new housing is proposed in Addison, the Addison City Council encourages it to be developed according to the following principles:

  1. New housing should increase the proportion of fee-simple ownership in Addison’s housing mix. Apartment-only zoning is unlikely to be approved, as currently the ratio of rental to ownership properties is higher than desired.
  1. A proposal should offer a ‘best fit’ mix of uses and housing choices within the context of the surrounding Addison community. The Town may use a study area committee (with staff, elected, and appointed members such as area residents and business representatives) to evaluate a proposal’s fit in Addison.
  1. New housing should create or enhance neighborhoods of urban character rather than locate on a stand-alone, nonintegrated property and should continue the high quality design and walkability that make Addison’s existing neighborhood distinctive.
  1. Proposals for independent and/or assisted living may be considered by the Town of Addison. Since there are no assisted living housing units in Addison today, the Town will conduct research to understand how this housing could or should be included in Addison’s future.”

Presuming that this policy remains in place, consider the viability of the following housing projects that are expected to possibly come before the new Council:

  1. The property at Quorum (adjacent to the Intercontinental Hotel) that is currently zoned commercial may be revisited by AMLI. AMLI previously wanted to build an apartment building there but because of its location the previous Council believed the property was more ideally suited to office space, which fit into its current commercial zoning.

OF IMPORTANT NOTE:  AMLI corporate policy requires that Section 8 or some form of government housing be a part of all apartments that they build.  

  1. The property on Addison Road across from Number 1 fire station (better known as the land where the white bulls reside) is currently zoned commercial with an agricultural exemption. This property is now being considered for apartments.
  1. The property at Beltline & Montfort, where the old Service Merchandise Building is currently located is being considered by a builder wanting to construct a large, 10-story apartment building with 450 units.

Given the recent controversy over apartments, being forewarned of what projects may come before the new Council allows residents the opportunity to express their views about any of these possible projects sooner rather than later.

Budget 101

Monday evening (June 20) four members of the Town’s Finance Department delivered a very detailed Budget 101 presentation to Council members.   In attendance were Meier, Duffy, Angell, Walden and Hughes.  Dale Wilcox was still on vacation and Bruce Arfsten had a client conflict.

May Want to Attend Upcoming Council Meeting

When the Mayor met with new Council members Walden and Duffy each told him that transparency was at the top of their list for topics they wanted to discuss.  As a result History of Transparency for the Town of Addison will be a topic for discussion on Tuesday night’s Council agenda.  It will be interesting to hear what new Council members consider constitutes ‘transparency’ and what vehicles they believe will demonstrate it.

Also on the agenda will be an opportunity to revisit the Mayor’s Newsletter issue.  Numerous citizens have written letters to Council members expressing this.  Also, contrary to an email sent to non-supporters, citizens—not the Mayor—launched a campaign for supporters to sign petitions to reinstate the Mayor’s Newsletter.  Reinstating the Mayor’s Newsletter will also be on Tuesday night’s agenda along with a public forum for citizen comments.

While many citizens appreciate the staff’s effort to produce an informative replacement of the Mayor’s Newsletter they miss hearing about the activities of their elected officials and activities in which only the Mayor participates.  If you have opinions about this you may want to consider attending the Council meeting and expressing yours.

Coffee, Anyone? 

Don’t miss your opportunity to visit with some of our Town’s finest at Coffee with a Cop this Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m. at The Yard House.

And, if you miss hearing from the Mayor, mark your calendar now to have a cup of coffee on his tab and hear the latest updates when Mayor Meier hosts his next Mayor’s Coffee, July 6 at Dunn Brothers @ 10 a.m.

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