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Vandal by Garrett Ziegler

So. Low.

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Pardon us for this unscheduled post … but when an opponent’s campaign reaches such a shockingly low point, as it did this weekend, we believe it’s important for residents to know just how offensive and improper the supporters of Al Angell, Jim Duffy and Paul Walden have become.

Fact: On Monday morning, when a 10-year resident of Waterford Court apartments (who is also employed in Addison and volunteers for the Town) went outside to prepare for garbage pickup, she found her Janelle Moore sign uprooted and trashed in her portico with droppings on it

Vandalized Janelle Moore sign in Addison, TX

Her “Welcome” mat was soiled as well. How disgusting can things get?  Addison Texas Addison Facts Matter_Welcome mat

Have they no dignity?

It’s time for these three men to stand up for a little decency and publicly refute the despicable behavior of their supporters. Manipulation of the truth is bad enough but this hits a new low.

What kind of a town are they planning to turn Addison into?

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The morning after: Photo of empty champagne bottles and glasses by Ben Sutherland

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