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The Past Predicts the Future

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“Past behavior guides future responses through two processes. Well-practiced behaviors in constant contexts recur because the processing that initiates and controls their performance becomes automatic.  Frequency of past behavior then reflects habit strength and has a direct effect on future performance.” Psychological Bulletin; the American Psychological Association, Inc.

Right from the get-go, new Council member Jim Duffy is behaving in a predictable manner that reflects behavior of his past. When Duffy focuses in on getting rid of someone he has a personal dislike for, he sets up his prey like a hunter. It’s exactly what he did back in the 1980’s when he took legal action to recall John Branch from the Council.

Fact: Almost immediately after Paul Walden and Duffy were installed this past Tuesday evening, the new group denied the traditional practice of the Mayor naming the Mayor Pro-Tem and Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem by voting 4 to 2 against the Mayor’s recommended appointments — Meier and Wilcox the only ones voting in favor. This broke a tradition of 60 years

While the Town Charter states, “The Council shall elect from among the Council members…” all past Councils have afforded the courtesy of affirming the Mayor’s recommendations. Past Mayors Joe Chow and Scott Wheeler were afforded this respect during their tenure as Mayor, as have all Mayors for the past 60 years. But that all changed with this Council.

It was Duffy who appeared the ringleader as he instead nominated Bruce Arfsten as Mayor Pro-Tem and Ivan Hughes as Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem and voted them in, changing the respectful actions of the past. But that was only the beginning.

Legal Action

Fact: What you will also see on the agenda for this coming Council meeting, Tuesday, May 24, is an item dealing with the complaints filed with the Texas Ethics Commission by Jim Duffy and John Oliver that the Mayor’s newsletter is “political advertising”

This is clearly a first step to potential further actions with which Duffy is extremely familiar.

Public Hearing

Fact: What you will also find on Tuesday’s agenda is discussion and consideration of the termination of the Mayor’s newsletter. This will also include a public hearing

Long speculated, that if this slate got elected, this would be one of the early things they would address  not taxes, not economic growth, not anything to positively impact the Town, but rather this negative personal attack. And so it is to be addressed head-on Tuesday night.

If you don’t want the Mayor’s newsletter axed, plan to attend this meeting and let your voice be heard. Spread the word so others who mirror your thoughts will voice their opinions too.

Work Session begins @ 6 p.m.

Council Meeting begins @ 7:30 p.m.

What next, you might ask?

Good question! If ever there was a time for citizens to become actively involved in the governance of their Town, now is definitely the time. Future actions may be taken that can dramatically impact future financial stability and whether necessary growth will move forward or be impeded.

The best source of truth is to experience it with your own ears and eyes. Tuesday’s Council meeting will be very telling of what can be expected in the future from this new slate. You might want to be there to hear for yourself.

Oh, By the Way, Where is Al Angell?

Fact: If you’re wondering where newly elected Al Angell was on installation night or why he won’t be attending next Tuesday’s meeting either … a Facebook post he made in response to someone’s mention of him notes that he’s in Fairbanks, Alaska

Didn’t he just recently return from a cruise?

The knives are definitely out. Photo by Gregoriuz via Flickr.





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