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One Last Thing Before You Vote

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If you were not among the 955 early voters and are voting Saturday, there are some last-minute things you need to know.

Contrary to the lies purported by Ralph Doherty in his letter to the editor in the Dallas Morning News (5/6), the Mayor has NOT funded the incumbents’ campaigns. Proof of that comes from Campaign Finance Reports filed by each candidate.

What IS true, however is the following: 

Fact: Campaign Finance Reports filed by the challengers show that 60.9% ($21,100) of the $36,472 in contributions have been contributed to this slate by former mayors Joe Chow (2005), Scott Wheeler (’99), Richard Beckert (’93) and Lynn Spruill (’88); former Council members Neil Resnick, Don Daeske, Jimmy Niemann, Margie Gunther, Thomas Braun, Susan Halpern and former P&Z Chair, Ralph Doherty

It also includes $3,500 from Cole W. Snadon who lives in Dallas. You might remember him from some of his land deals in Addison back in the 80’s. And then there’s $7,000.00 donated by Addison lawyer James C. Oden.

Looks like the old saying of “the pot calling the kettle black.” If anyone appears to be buying this election it’s pretty clear that as part of his orchestrating the challengers’ campaigns, and to maintain influence and bring back the “old times,” Ron Whitehead has recruited a lot of his friends from the past. Why such desperation?

Yup! A lot of money is being poured into the challenger’s campaigns by a lot of folks from the past who seem to want to bury the fact that the incumbents have questioned the lack of financial controls and have put corrective processes in place. Instead they want to distract you with misinformation and lies.

Facts really do matter in this election.

Pot, meet kettle. Photo by Rina Pitucci via Flickr

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