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As we enter the final stretch to Election Day, it’s important to acknowledge that Addison has matured over the past 60 years and while some of its residents have also matured there is another group of residents that tremendously impact our future — the Millennials. Today, Addison’s average age is 32.5.

With this in mind, we’ve accepted a short guest article from one of our millennial residents — Elliot Moore.

Throughout this election period, Elliot has been a strong advocate for facts. So much so that the opponents and the Truth in Addison Facebook page have not only deleted his factual responses to many of their recent distortions, they have banned him from ever posting again.

So in the name of true transparency, we welcome Elliot’s thoughts. Here is Elliott’s contribution:

Welcoming Millennials:  The Case for Addison’s Future

By Elliot Moore, Addison homeowner

If there is one thing this election year has shown is that Addison appears to be divided into two camps, largely around generational lines.

On one side we have what we might call the Founding Generation that moved in prior to 2000. On the other hand, we have the newer, mostly Millennial-in-age residents that moved within the last five years.

Many of the Founders have both publicly and privately claimed that they don’t want the Millennials in their town and would rather “Make Addison Great Again.” The fact is that all residents of all generations and backgrounds are important to the make up of Addison and contribute greatly to our future.

In 2014, the Pew Research Center defined a Millennial as anyone born between the years of 1981 and 1996, which makes us between 20 and 35 years old today. Millennials have grown up around economic downturn. The first Millennials started College around the time of the dot-bomb/Enron recession and 9/11. The last Millennials graduated college around the Great Recession.

These factors, combined with high amounts of student debt, have forced many Millennials to choose rental properties as opposed to ownership and driving the multifamily housing development in the Metroplex. Many Millennials have chosen to live in Addison due to its convenient proximity, active lifestyle and small town feel in the big city.

As the economy continues to improve, it is important that we continue to welcome new generations of residents into our community and evolve beyond what Addison once was.

We want the Millennials who love living in Addison to stay in Addison when they make a decision to purchase a home. We need to support and foster more activities for Millennials and young families at the Athletic Club to extend the community to our future leaders. We need to embrace the changing demographics and developments that will make our town great for years to come.

Addison was always great, it still is, and with forward thinking, it always will be.

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