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A Facts Matter Editorial

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The Dallas Morning News Headline: After contentious race Addison city council incumbents narrowly lose out to challengers

The key word here is “narrowly.” So let’s not assume that the whole Town drank the Kool-Aid that was served up by the challengers and the Truth in Addison website.

While a 5.2% difference in the vote may have given Ron Whitehead’s candidates the Council seats, it by no means indicates that all voting residents were enamored with the thought of electing the former City Manager’s good ole boys.

What it does indicate is that Addison is now a Town divided and a Town with a Council that is no longer representative of its gender and age diversity.

One segment of the community wants to take the Town back to a time when there were no financial controls, where the mayor was a non-substantive glad-hander who never challenged the status quo and a time where communication and transparency were non-existent.

Then there’s another segment who are grateful that some hard questions were asked; that those questions revealed the real truth about the Town’s lack of financial controls; that thoughtful measures were taken with developers instead of committing the Town to debt for years and that real communication and transparency exist.

But there is also one more group of residents — those who did not vote

And therein lies a serious issue.

This group seems to fall into two segments. One that becomes so comfortable with the amenities and services of the Town that they don’t take the time to get involved or vote.

The other becomes so disgusted with the kind of dirty politics and contentious actions we’ve just experienced that they decide to simply sit elections out.

In either situation an environment is created in which risks set in.

When knowledge is not gathered and facts are not sought, distortion of reality and lies can become perceived as truth.

Up until a little over a month ago the only information source outside of the Mayor’s newsletter — which primarily informs us of the Council’s status on issues and each week’s activities —was the website controlled by a group with obvious resentment and hate toward the Mayor.

That is why we started Facts Matter — as an attempt to provide less negatively biased information based on facts and reality.

Since election night we have heard from several of you who would like Facts Matter and the FM website to continue

In order to decide whether or not to do that, we need to hear from you.

If we do continue, it would likely be with considerably fewer issues, depending on information regarding activity and changes important for you to know about your Town; particularly decisions that will impact you as residents.

So please take a moment to respond to us with your opinion

Thank you for believing that Facts Matter!

Photo of empty champagne bottles and glasses by Ben Sutherland via Flickr

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