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On Sunday, March 20, Ed Griffin responded to accusations that were posted on Truth in Addison last week regarding the letter he originally sent to Facts Matter.

Mr. Griffin advised that he sent his response to TIA, but doubts they will post it. However, we believe that since he allowed us to share with you the initial letter sent to us, you have a right to also see his response to Ms. Halpern’s accusations.

With Mr. Griffin’s approval, following is his letter:

“I just read on the Truth in Addison (?) website a[n] article from Susan M. Halpern, a former City Council Member.  The article was titled ‘We’ received and ‘unsolicited’ letter.  And yes you did!

Citizens of Addison I have learned that in politics when a group has a weak position and feels desperate they often try to ‘shoot the messenger’.  The comments I made and the letter that I wrote was completely voluntary and unsolicited by anyone or any group.

In this case Ms. Halpern has taken aim at the comments that I made regarding the former city manager getting in the midst of the upcoming council elections for questionable reasons. Her comments attempted to discredit my professional observations by such off the cuff remarks as me being from the East.

Well, if one is trying to be factual, let’s get them right. I have not lived on the east coast since 1980. I have been a resident of Texas for 26 years.

While I am a political consultant the preponderance of my work has been at the municipal level helping well qualified people serve their citizens. I have also been involved with campaigns for President of the United States.

Most of my interests and skills come from 20 years of working with municipal officials and are centered around my professional career as a public administrator, coach, trainer and lobbyist for the interest of  municipal governments so that ‘the people’ have a voice not just special interest in Congress and state legislatures.

To that end as partially pointed out in Ms. Halpern’s article I was appointed three times by the Frisco City Council as a member of the Frisco Board of Adjustment and was elected by that body to be its Chairman for the last three consecutive years.

I also served as Vice Chairman of the  Frisco Charter Review Commission. I have assisted several municipal and local government officials with their campaigns in Frisco, Little Elm, Denton County and many other places and now I am President of the Frisco Area Republicans. I stay abreast of local government events and activities and when something seems out of alignment, if appropriate, I try to offer my help through my knowledge and experience.

I have a number of friends in Addison and my daughter owns a home in Addison. I was President of the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association and had many members and friends through that association that is a very important element in Addison’s economic base.

I also know people and have personal friendship in Addison, some who may be on the other side of this issue. I was a Home Owner Association Manager in Addison approximately ten years ago.   My son worked in the restaurant business in Addison for years and his best friend use[d] to work at the Addison Airport for Millionaire and therefore I am familiar with the great economic asset that the Town has in that regard.

Over the past several decades I have accumulated many contacts from former members of associations that I have served as President/CEO including hundreds of municipal officials, hundreds in the meetings and tourism industry, and political networking in both Parties and of all persuasions.

As for my LinkedIn contact with Janelle Moore, she was on one of the HOA Boards that I served for less than a year in Addison. Many Board Members from some 15 HOAs that I served remain on my contact list, my LinkedIn account and my friends on Facebook.

In fact I have between 1,600 and 1,900 contacts and friends on those sites, with a number being from Addison. I have never met the current Mayor and I did not speak to any candidate for council regarding the issue in question of poor supervision of staff and the need to keep politics separate from management before I wrote and sent the email in question.

In fact as of this writing on March 20 I have not spoken to any council member or candidate personally about what I authored regarding insulating politics from the profession of city management. I stand by my comments and feel as though the Town of Addison is moving forward and needs to continue to support people who do not have a personal agenda for themselves or their friends but who have the Town and its citizens at the heart of their decisions.

Thank you for your time allowing ‘truth and all the facts’ to be shared not just a single commentary that unilaterally selects and spins some facts but does not research or share the whole picture.  Advocacy is an important part of the process of democracy but transparency is more important. My email was ‘unsolicited’.”

Ed Griffin

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