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Property Taxes

Upfront Knowledge Important to Future Decisions

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addison texas city council housing plans

The idiom “forewarned is forearmed” denotes that knowledge in advance enables one to be prepared.  Thus, with a new Council and potential new building projects being proposed, it is perhaps…

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The Bottom Line

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Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket by artist Kaws

Here we are in the final week before Addison residents will learn whether the progress that’s been made to right the wrongs of financial controls and continue to expand our…

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Time to Take a Deeper Look

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Doll with paper tube binoculars via Facts Matter Addison

Sometimes things come to a point where it’s time to seriously question motives.  It appears that time has come. This past Monday evening Addison residents gathered at the Conference Center…

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Property Tax Facts

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The mad scramble to file taxes

Taxes are a delicate subject. Taxes are also a complicated subject. Thus, when facts are misunderstood, omitted, or misconstrued it is easy to place false blame.

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