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Kanter Forensics

State Auditors Arrive Today

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Detail from Portrait of Paolo Morigia by Fede Galizia

Today is the day auditors from the State Comptroller’s Office arrive in Addison to conduct a routine audit of the criminal costs and fees at Addison’s Municipal Court. While “routine”…

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Time to Take a Deeper Look

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Doll with paper tube binoculars via Facts Matter Addison

Sometimes things come to a point where it’s time to seriously question motives.  It appears that time has come. This past Monday evening Addison residents gathered at the Conference Center…

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Kanter Criticism Flawed

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Dollar bill closeup by Eli Christman

A recent post on the Truth In Addison website criticizes, in part, the Council’s hiring of Kanter Financial Forensics and notes that “Addison has received clean audits for years” and…

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