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A Facts Matter Editorial

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The morning after: Photo of empty champagne bottles and glasses by Ben Sutherland

The Dallas Morning News Headline: After contentious race Addison city council incumbents narrowly lose out to challengers The key word here is “narrowly.” So let’s not assume that the whole…

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One Last Thing Before You Vote

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Pot calling kettle black by Rina Pitucci

If you were not among the 955 early voters and are voting Saturday, there are some last-minute things you need to know. Contrary to the lies purported by Ralph Doherty…

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Time to Move Forward

in Addison Grove/Addison Texas elections 2016/City Manager/Employee Compensation/Finances/Infrastructure by
View of Kaboom Town 2009 fireworks by David Veksler

There is little doubt that this has been the most contentious Council election in recent years. Facts have been undermined and replaced with distortions, personal attacks and false accusations; all…

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The Bottom Line

in Addison Texas elections 2016/City Manager/Finances/Infrastructure/Property Taxes by
Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket by artist Kaws

Here we are in the final week before Addison residents will learn whether the progress that’s been made to right the wrongs of financial controls and continue to expand our…

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State Auditors Arrive Today

in Addison Texas elections 2016/City Manager/Kanter Forensics by
Detail from Portrait of Paolo Morigia by Fede Galizia

Today is the day auditors from the State Comptroller’s Office arrive in Addison to conduct a routine audit of the criminal costs and fees at Addison’s Municipal Court. While “routine”…

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A Personal Message

in Addison Texas elections 2016/City Manager by
Battle No. 2 by Jim & Claire

Let’s set the record straight. We deviate from our regular Facts Matter with a personal message on this extra edition because of the barrage of recent personal smears and misinformation…

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Two Paths to Voter Decisions

in Addison Texas elections 2016/City Manager/Infrastructure by
Nevit Delman's Contrarian Thoughts

“Before us lie two paths — and dishonesty. The shortsighted embark on the dishonest path; the wise on the honest. For the wise know the truth; in helping others we…

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Time to Take a Deeper Look

in Addison Texas elections 2016/City Manager/Employee Compensation/Finances/Kanter Forensics/Property Taxes/Wind Turbines by
Doll with paper tube binoculars via Facts Matter Addison

Sometimes things come to a point where it’s time to seriously question motives.  It appears that time has come. This past Monday evening Addison residents gathered at the Conference Center…

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Abraham Lincoln’s Words Have Never Been More Relevant

in Addison Grove/City Manager/Finances/Infrastructure/Wind Turbines by
Portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Drew Cloud

Years ago Abraham Lincoln said,  “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all…

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Responsible Reimbursement vs Long-Term Debt

in Addison Grove/City Manager/Infrastructure by

There has been considerable controversy and misinformation regarding the $6.5 million infrastructure reimbursement for the Addison Grove project, so let’s look at some facts about infrastructure reimbursements.

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