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Special: Does Mixed-Use Housing Decrease Home Value?

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mixed use housing

Ever since plans were approved to build mixed-use housing on the old Sam’s property, rumors have been abundant. Most of the negative rumors have dealt with the apartment phase of the…

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Death of the Mayor’s Newsletter

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Coffin in graveyard by Sunny Ripert

Tuesday night residents witnessed not merely the death of the ‘Mayor’s Newsletter’, but endured it being bludgeoned to death with malice and intent.

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Time to Move Forward

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View of Kaboom Town 2009 fireworks by David Veksler

There is little doubt that this has been the most contentious Council election in recent years. Facts have been undermined and replaced with distortions, personal attacks and false accusations; all…

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Abraham Lincoln’s Words Have Never Been More Relevant

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Portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Drew Cloud

Years ago Abraham Lincoln said,  “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all…

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Facts Really Do Matter

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Yaysayer by Jen Knoedl

We recently came upon a five-page document entitled “An Open Letter to the Naysayers” in which the author Lewis F. McLain, Jr., a consultant, trainer and writer of local government…

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Responsible Reimbursement vs Long-Term Debt

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There has been considerable controversy and misinformation regarding the $6.5 million infrastructure reimbursement for the Addison Grove project, so let’s look at some facts about infrastructure reimbursements.

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