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Fear Versus Facts Decision-Making

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Cute ghost via Pixabay

From the onset, our sole intent with Facts Matter has been to elevate decision-making by ensuring that fear, spin and innuendoes are balanced with actual facts. Unfortunately, when fear-based information…

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Credentialed Reader Shares Facts

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Article on Addison Millions Couldn't be Traced from Dallas Morning News

Following the March 14 Dallas Morning News front-page Metropolitan section story, “Audit: Millions Couldn’t be Traced”*, we received a letter from a non-resident who is well credentialed in municipal government. Because of his…

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Lack of Funds or Misapplication of Funds?

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Piggy bank on crutches by Ken Teegardin

Lack of funds has been said to be the reason for not having enough staff in the past yet a search of the Town’s public records shows that over a…

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What About the Water Tower Wind Turbines?

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Addison Texas wind turbines by Rachel Knickmeyer

Many have asked what the status is of the non-functioning wind turbines. The previous City Manager recommended the turbines simply be taken down and discarded. Rather than allow those critical…

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Kanter Criticism Flawed

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Dollar bill closeup by Eli Christman

A recent post on the Truth In Addison website criticizes, in part, the Council’s hiring of Kanter Financial Forensics and notes that “Addison has received clean audits for years” and…

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