Apartments and Playgrounds Dominate Resident’s Minds

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The agenda on Tuesday night’s Council meeting (January 24) was pretty light compared to most meetings and every single item was unanimously approved 6-0. Al Angell was not in attendance.

The real activity seemed to be at the beginning of the evening during the Public Comment session. Up to three (3) minutes per person are given for fifteen (15) total minutes on items that do not appear on the evening’s agenda. That allows for five (5) people to speak. Six (6) people had filled out cards to speak so the Council voted unanimously to make an exception and allow all six to speak.

The first person out of the box spoke for herself and a neighbor who couldn’t be there, expressing a strong appeal to reverse the P&Z’s rezoning, and not allow AMLI to build 349 apartments on Quorum. A North Oaks resident later echoed a similar plea for no more apartments.

Another speaker addressed the Council about employee morale, having attended a recent employee appreciation luncheon, emphasizing the point that money alone does not make happy employees.

The other three speakers all addressed their concerns about the park playground along Redding Trail at which playground equipment located in Oncor’s easement needs to be removed because Oncor requires it for safety reasons. These residents understood the safety issue yet wanted Council to get Oncor to allow more time for the town to relocate the equipment to a nearby location and to relocate the playground somewhere near this site.

The Town earlier in the day posted detailed information on the park playground situation on the town blog on and also posted the information and a link to the blog on the Neighborhood website.

No more apartments continue to be a major topic of conversation yet with several residents expressing feelings that many of the council have simply ignored their emails and personal request.

Some Council members have suggested that the property in question is not viable for office space because it doesn’t face the tollway. This assumes that every office occupant needs to face the tollway and ignores the number of office buildings nearby, none of which appear vacant. It also ignores the fact that this entire property is surrounded by commercial, much more appealing to an office than an apartment complex. The building pictured below is across from the property, and is an example of the quality office buildings that do not face the tollway.







Also seeming to be ignored are recent realities being extensively reported in the media about rents slowing. A Dallas Business Journal headline on January 19 advises, “DFW rent increases slow as supply has finally caught up with demand.” Crain’s Dallas on January 20 has the headline, “North Texas rental market finally show signs of slowing down,” and writes, “Supply could finally be catching up with demand as thousands of new units come on line.” Even a national publication noted that, “While relocations to North Texas have held steady, the influx of new apartment complexes have caused rent increases to slow dramatically compared to this time last year.”

One would expect Council to seriously take these facts into consideration, along with the fact that the Town has already committed to adding 4,761 more apartments that are yet to be built.

This zoning/apartments issue will be on the Council’s February 14 agenda at which time there will be a Public Hearing where you will have one last chance to make your voices heard. In the meantime, it is important that you let your Council members know your pro/con feelings about this issue.

Candidate Update

Addison residents will elect a new Mayor and three (3) Council members on May 6. Candidates have until Friday, February 17, 2017 to file. As new candidates file for Mayor or Council, FM will advise readers and provide a few known facts about each. We will also report the names of those who have picked up candidate packages but have not yet filed.

Filed for Mayor

Blake Clemens

* Addison homeowner for the past 23 years

* Longest serving Mayor Pro Tem and hasn’t missed a Council meeting since 2007

* Served with two different Mayors

* Professional background in finance and corporate real estate

Joe Chow

* Reportedly leased an apartment on Spectrum in December, 2015 to meet residency requirements

* In 2012 official records show an address of Arlington, Texas and from July of 2013 to March 2016 records show an address of Dallas, Texas.

* Former Mayor of Addison

* Former member Addison Business Association

Filed for Council

Ivan Hughes

* Incumbent Councilman, running for second term

* Addison homeowner for 8 years, since 2009

* Former Planning & Zoning Commissioner

* Member of Ron Whitehead’s Addison Midday Rotary Club

Lori J. Ward

* Resident of one year and ten months at time of filing

* Member of Ron Whitehead’s Addison Midday Rotary Club

* Branch Manager, US Fleet Tracking, Texas Div. according to her LinkedIn profile

* BA, Spanish, University of Oklahoma

Dale Wilcox

* Incumbent Councilman, running for second term

* Addison homeowner for 24 years

* Professional financial background

* Graduate and Undergraduate studies at UT Dallas

Candidate packages picked up by individuals, but not yet filed

Sheila Barkofske, Proton

Christopher Roberts, Paschal Pl.

Karen Gassett, Winter Park

John Price, Leadville Pl.

Special Note: Because my husband, John Price, is currently considering running for a seat on the Council he has been asked to be removed from any activity related to Facts Matter. As a result, effective January 25, Price will have no role in the production of Facts Matter.

Local Issue Gets National Recognition

In case you missed it, according to Tuesday evening’s websites of WFAA-TV and The Dallas Morning News, the Trump administration listed the Texas bullet train and DART’s Cotton Belt Line as two of its top 50 priorities.

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