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Addison Just Got a Game Changer

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In the midst of the Town’s January 24 Council meeting, something incredible happened that went totally unknown to the Council at the time. This “something” shouts “HOLD ON…you’ve got a Game Changer here.”

In the midst of that meeting The Dallas Morning News and WFAA-TV websites released information that the Trump Administration’s $137.5B infrastructure projects list of 50, included the Cotton Belt Line Rail project.

Cotton Belt is what is known as a “shovel ready” project; exactly what the Administration is looking for. Its engineering is in progress and permitting is completed, making it an ideal project to move forward with quickly. Not only was this project included in the list of 50, it was listed as #14—putting it high on priority for funding. Information released notes that the cost will be $1.1 billion, or $2.8 billion if not single tracked. And it predicts 2,000 direct jobs.

Forget the controversy of whether we need any more apartments or not. Here’s the REAL issue: This changes the entire game; it gives Addison, Texas one of the best late Christmas presents any town could ask for. Visionaries are drooling—chomping at the bit about all the great things this can mean for Addison’s future. Short-term thinkers don’t get it yet.

This is no time to take a quick and easy offer from anyone; let alone one more apartment complex; this is a time to put visionary minds to work and look at all of the future potential this town has just been afforded.

When the original Housing Policy was approved on March 24, 2015, after considerable professional input, it was drafted with the vision that “should” the Cotton Belt come into fruition, ideally the land North of it would be ideal for living, shopping and dining while the land South was ideally suited to commercial entities such as businesses, restaurants, shops, or any other commercial establishments that might be envisioned. It would be ideally suited for entities that would additionally feed the town’s tax base. What may have seemed like a dream at the time has now become a real possibility. But, do we have a Council that sees it?

Wikipedia has recognized Addison’s unique situation. It states “Because of Addison’s overwhelmingly commercial atmosphere, residents of Addison enjoy a lifestyle not common in other suburbs.” The Town’s commercial property provides an incredible tax base that makes this uniqueness what it is.

The question is, does Addison have a Council that is visionary enough to see the possibilities this new opportunity has dropped in our lap?

Does Addison have Council members who are current enough in their thinking to envision the best use of the property around the Cotton Belt so that it best serves the town’s future growth and the needs of its next generation?

Or, do we have a Council with members who are so stuck in the past they can’t move their thinking to recognize that there is a new world evolving with new and innovative needs?

This Council’s next meeting will be a test of whether Addison will continue to deserve the reputation of being the “unique” town it has been or will it get stuck in the past?

What may to some have seemed like a simple decision to build more apartments or not is now actually a decision that will determine Addison’s real future?

Do you think your elected officials have the kind of VISION required to take the Town successfully into the future?

What are you willing to do to ensure that they do?

Coming Up

Although we don’t know all the items that will be on the Council’s agenda for the February 14 meeting, here are two items that were announced at Wednesday’s Mayor’s Coffee:

* Playground equipment. With so much discussion regarding this topic, this will be on the agenda to elevate the Council’s discussion.

* Rezoning the Spectrum property from Commercial to Residential to comply with AMLI’s request in order to build 349 apartments. There will be a Public Hearing on this item.

Candidate Update:

Addison residents will elect a new Mayor and three (3) Council members on May 6. Candidates have until Friday, February 17, 2017 to file. As new candidates file for Mayor or Council, FM will advise readers and provide a few known facts about each. We will also report the names of those who have picked up candidate packages but have not yet filed.

Filed for Council

John Price

* 22 year Addison homeowner

* Graduate, Addison Citizen Academy (2014)

* Graduate, Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce

* Leadership Program (2011-12)

* More than 240 volunteer hours, Addison Citizens Assisting Police (ACAP)

Special Note: Because John Price has officially filed as a Candidate for a seat on the Addison City Council he has been removed from any activity related to Facts Matter. Price will have no role in the production of Facts Matter.

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