Facts Matter started as a newsletter created in March 2016 to provide factual information on Addison, Texas.

The founder, Bette Price, is president of The Price Group, a management-consulting firm that she founded in 1987. The firm’s mission is to help companies achieve long-term success through effective leadership.

Portrait of Bette Price of Facts Matter Addison

Price is the author of True Leaders: How Exceptional CEOs and Presidents Make a Difference by Building People and Profits, published by Dearborn Trade Press and available in seven languages.  Her clients have included private and public corporations such as IBM, Prudential Asset Management, Sony Electronics, Aging Wisely Care Management, Oxidor Environmental and Behringer.

Prior to starting her own consulting firm, Price was a columnist and feature writer for The Kansas City Star and was among the team of writers that earned the newspaper a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the tragic Hyatt Hotel skywalk collapse.

Prior to joining the newspaper Price was co-hostess of a daily news and information talk show in Kansas City on the CBS television affiliate. She also co-hosted a news and information talk show in Cleveland, Ohio on the NBC owned and operated television station where her first co-produced documentary was nominated for a local Emmy Award. She later won a Texas Press Women’s Association Award for her freelance newspaper series on family violence.

Price has been a frequent media source, having been quoted in such major newspapers as USA Today, St. Louis Dispatch, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Daily Record, The Oregonian, Financial Times, Investors Business Daily and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She has had more than 300 articles published in numerous trade publications and has also been quoted in such publications as Kiplinger Online, Accounting Today, Harvard Management Update and Selling Power Magazine. 

As far back as 1976, Price was Public Relations Director for Kansas City’s Convention and Visitors Bureau and handled the publicity for the 1976 RNC Convention, and was the official spokesperson for the bureau, including producing the Impact Study for the convention.

Today, in addition to writing three of her own books, Price has written and/or style edited six books for others including Finding Midas, written for local small cap fund manager Russell Cleveland.