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Let’s set the record straight.

We deviate from our regular Facts Matter with a personal message on this extra edition because of the barrage of recent personal smears and misinformation which simply needs to be addressed.

First of all, it’s important to remind you of why we started Facts Matter.

For the past few years an extremely biased website and Facebook page have been the only game in town. Most of the misconstrued information has been posted by a lawyer who’s made it no secret of her hatred of our Mayor and a former town P.R. individual who’s been recruited to construct additional derogatory comments and sway the press.

We have lived in Addison for 26 years. We are proud homeowners and great supporters of the positive growth in the last few years along with the strides that have been made to implement financial controls that were so sorely missing.

We’ve both graduated from the Addison Citizen Academy and have taken the time to attend many Council meetings as well as Town Meetings. We’ve been proud of a Council that thinks independently, works cohesively and while not always agreeing, disagrees respectfully, which hasn’t always been the case.

As this Council election campaign emerged we realized that a former City Manager — the same one who has sided against the Town and joined with the company he hired to install the dysfunctional wind turbine project — had decided to orchestrate his own campaign against three capable incumbents.

We were troubled to see how deceitful the one and only website became and how their vitriol intensified, misleading good people who had little to base their knowledge on but the negative and misleading information being posted.

Finally we felt it was time for someone to take a stand and bring to light reality with facts. And while these malcontents would falsely like to convince you that the Mayor they so regularly malign is preparing this Facts Matter, let me assure you, we are perfectly qualified to research and write all by ourselves.

That attack was made by the same woman who falsely accused the Mayor of writing a letter which Mr. Price wrote admonishing our HOA president for falsely advising the City Manager and all Council members that “the majority” in our HOA were against the Sam’s project.

Unlike manipulation, our intent was always to present facts so that you, the resident and intelligent readers of FM, would be able to weigh all information and thus make decisions based on the real truth rather than extreme distortions.

Unfortunately, now that this group is not the only game in town their postings have become increasingly negative, increasingly distorted and increasingly personal. But here’s the deal.

Their attacks will not silence us.

We are committed to doing all we can to continue to bring facts to the forefront because without facts to counter the lies and manipulation of reality, Addison risks losing much of the progress that ensures our fiscal stability and a positive vision for the future.

Thank you for your loyal readership,

Bette & John Price

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