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Who Cares?

Who Cares?

Apparently no one cares about the proposed tax rate, which if approved will raise property taxes.  Absolutely no residents showed up to speak at the Town’s first Public Hearing on Tuesday evening at Town Hall.  Mayor Chow was so excited to have such a short meeting that he had to be reminded by the City Manager how to follow state protocol by officially announcing the date of the next Public Hearing before adjourning the meeting.

 Few Residents on WaterTower Theatre Board

Addison taxpayer dollars support the WaterTower Theatre to the tune of $450,000 —not counting any of the maintenance costs involving the building.  But 100% of the theatre’s 2017-18 slate of Officers for its Board of Directors are non-Addison residents.  And, of the board members up for re-election, and those proposed as new Board candidates, 66% are also non-Addison residents.  Of the Board’s entire 2017-18 slate, the majority—75 %, don’t live in Addison, don’t vote in Addison, and don’t pay residential taxes in Addison.

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