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It’s a Miracle: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer TORCHES Pelosi on Stimulus, Will get Referred to as GOP ‘Apologist’


Christmas got here early for these wanting CNN to resemble an actual, severe information group (albeit for less than 14 minutes). On Tuesday’s Scenario Room, host Wolf Blitzer hammered Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for refusing to just accept any and all gives of compromise for coronavirus stimulus from Republicans and the White Home. 

In response, Pelosi melted down on the concept of dealing with adversarial questions, repeatedly snapping at Blitzer as a Republican “apologist” and Trump supporter who doesn’t “know what you’re speaking about” and, in contrast to the federal authorities, wasn’t serving to to feed and supply assist to the much less lucky.

Blitzer started with a reasonably primary query:

And as you already know, there are Individuals who’re being evicted from their houses. They cannot pay their hire. Many Individuals are ready in meals traces for the primary time of their lives. Are you able to look them within the eye, Madam Speaker, and clarify why you do not wish to settle for the President’s newest stimulus provide?

Pelosi was instantly incensed, demanding he “ask the identical query of the Republicans about why they do not actually wish to meet the wants of the American individuals.” She continued to meander and Blitzer interjected that not solely do Individuals “want the cash proper now,” however members of her personal social gathering had been annoyed.



He cited Congressman Rho Khana (D-CA) as only one instance, however Pelosi replied by dismissing Khana and citing not solely Blitzer as a GOP “apologists,” however his colleagues as properly: “I do not know why you are all the time an apologist — and lots of of your colleagues — apologists for the Republican place. Ro Khana? That’s good. That isn’t what we’re going to do and no person’s ready till February.”

The primary of many cross-talks ensued, ending with Blitzer reminding her that “do not let the right, as they are saying right here in Washington, be the enemy of the nice,” whereas Pelosi continued to go after Blitzer: “Do you’ve any concept what the distinction is between the spending that they’ve of their invoice and that we have now in our invoice?”

Blitzer introduced up Andrew Yang as another person who was concerned with a deal and, positive sufficient, Pelosi dismissed each Khana and Yang, once more accused Blitzer of being an apologist for the GOP and the President (click on “broaden”):

BLITZER: Yesterday, I spoke yesterday to Andrew Yang, who says the identical factor. It isn’t all the pieces you need —

PELOSI: Yeah, however you already know what?

BLITZER: — however there’s so much there. 

PELOSI: Okay. Sincere to God, you actually — I am unable to recover from it as a result of Andrew Yang — he’s pretty. Yo Khana [sic] — Ro Khana — he’s pretty. they don’t seem to be negotiating this case. They don’t know of the particulars. They don’t know of what the language is right here. I did not come over right here to have — so you are the apologizing for the Obama — excuse me. God forbid. 

BLITZER: Madam Speaker —

PELOSI: Thank God for Barack Obama.

BLITZER: — I’m not an apologist. I am asking you severe questions as a result of so persons are in —

PELOSI: I’m saying to you —

BLITZER: — determined want proper —

PELOSI: — if we —

BLITZER: — now. Let me ask you this. When was the final time —

PELOSI: — properly, okay. Let me — let me reply to you!

BLITZER: — properly, let me ask you when was the final —

PELOSI: For those who’re going to reply your individual questions —

BLITZER: — time, Madam Speaker — when was the final time you spoke with the President about this? 

PELOSI: — I do not communicate to the President. I communicate to his —

BLITZER: Why not? Why not name him?

PELOSI: — representatives.

BLITZER: Why not name him and say, “Mr. President, let’s work out a deal. It’s not going to be all the pieces you need. It’s not going to be all the pieces I need. However there are such a lot of Individuals proper now who’re in determined want. Let’s make a deal.”

PELOSI: What makes me amused if it weren’t so unhappy is the way you all suppose that you already know extra concerning the struggling of the American individuals than these of us who’re elected by them to signify them at that desk.

Pelosi’s vanity continued as Blitzer introduced up the bipartisan Drawback Solvers Caucus, and like with the others, she confirmed antipathy and disrespect for his or her issues.

However essentially the most baffling second got here when Blitzer known as out Pelosi on the chance she’s refused to just accept a deal as a result of she doesn’t wish to permit Trump “to take credit score if there’s a deal that will assist thousands and thousands of Individuals proper now?”

A shocked Pelosi was torqued and obtained much more private in her assaults in opposition to Blitzer by questioning his intelligence (click on “broaden”):

PELOSI: With all due respect, with all due respect — and you already know we’ve recognized one another a very long time, you actually do not know what you are speaking about. If the plural of anecdote is just not information — sure, there’s some individuals mentioned this or that. Overwhelmingly, my caucus needs what is correct for the American individuals. Overwhelmingly, our chairmen, who wrote the invoice, learn their statements. All of them put out their very own statements after they noticed what the White Home was proposing. So do a service to the difficulty and have some stage of respect for the individuals who have labored on these points, written the invoice to start with. Now, let me simply say this by way of the numbers. I need individuals to do the maths. We had 3.4, which might make the wants of the American individuals for a sustained time period, in order that there was some certainty in what would occur. The Republicans mentioned no. Nicely, so we took it down a trillion {dollars} by slicing the time. We took it down one other $2 trillion — $200 trillion — excuse me, $200 billion so we’re $1.200 billion {dollars} down. We got here right down to 2.2. On the similar time — since tomorrow shall be 5 months since we handed the invoice — on the similar time, as a result of there was no decision, Mitch McConnell mentioned let’s pause. The virus did not pause. And now we’re at a spot the place we’d like more cash. We want more cash for PPP — for our small companies. We want more cash for our airways. We want more cash for our faculties. So we have now absorbed practically half a trillion {dollars} extra of bills, nonetheless throughout the 2.2 — 

BLITZER: I perceive all of that and I’ve solely the —

PELOSI: — by slicing again.

BLITZER: — best respect for you. 

PELOSI: So, do the maths. 

BLITZER: Madam Speaker —

PELOSI: We’ve come down —

BLITZER: — I’ve solely the best respect —

PELOSI: — we have now come down —

BLITZER: — for you.

PELOSI: — $1.6 or $7 trillion. 

BLITZER: I simply wish to level out, although. $1.8 trillion {dollars} — $1.8 trillion is some huge cash. The American individuals want that cash ASAP as a result of they’re struggling proper now and I am not saying it is excellent. 

PELOSI: And you do not care the way it’s spent? And you do not care the way it’s spent? 

BLITZER: I care, after all, the way it’s spent, however what I don’t perceive —

PELOSI: However you do not even know the way it’s spent. 

BLITZER: — is why not — why not —

PELOSI: You do not even know the way it’s spent.

BLITZER: — speak to the President personally, name him up, say, “Mr. President, let’s get a deal tomorrow.” 

Blitzer tried to wrap it up by acknowledging he not solely respects her, but additionally Khana, the Drawback Solvers Caucus, and Yang (seeing as how she doesn’t) as a result of all they need is “a deal as a result of so many individuals proper now are struggling.”

Pelosi then accused him of getting “been on jag, defending the administration all this time with no data of the distinction between our two payments” and admitting she “hate[d]” to see that Blitzer didn’t settle for her narrative.

Once more, Blitzer tried mightily to finish the interview, however Pelosi saved eager to have the final phrase and work in just a few extra jabs about Blitzer and anybody daring to refute her. 

At one level, Pelosi needed to know if Blitzer had helped the poor he sees in Washington D.C. as a result of the rationale these individuals have assist has been due completely to the federal government (click on “broaden”):

BLITZER: Madam Speaker, these are extremely tough instances proper now and we’ll depart it on that observe. Thanks a lot for becoming a member of us. 

PELOSI: No, we’ll depart it on the higher observe that you’re not proper on this, Wolf, and I hate to say that to you.

BLITZER: Alright.

PELOSI: However I really feel assured about it and I really feel assured about my colleagues and confidence in my chairs. 

BLITZER: And it isn’t about me. It is about thousands and thousands of Individuals who cannot put meals on the desk, who cannot pay hire and are —

PELOSI: And we signify them.

BLITZER: — having hassle —

PELOSI: And we signify them.

BLITZER: — getting by on these —

PELOSI: And we signify them.

BLITZER: — lengthy meals traces that we’re seeing. 

PELOSI: And we signify them.

BLITZER: I do know you might be.

PELOSI: And we all know them.

BLITZER: I’m simply saying —

PELOSI: We signify them and we all know them. 

BLITZER: As we are saying —

PELOSI: And we all know them. We signify them.

BLITZER: — do not let the right be the enemy of the nice as they are saying. 

PELOSI: It’s nowhere close to excellent. 

BLITZER: Madam Speaker —

PELOSI: At all times the case however we’re not even near the nice. 

BLITZER: — alright. Let’s examine what occurs as a result of day-after-day is critically, critically essential. Thanks a lot for becoming a member of us

PELOSI: Thanks for our sensitivity to our constituents’ wants. 

BLITZER: I’m delicate to them as a result of I see them on the road, begging for meals, begging for cash. Madame Speaker, thanks a lot.

PELOSI: Have you ever fed them? We feed them. We feed them. 

BLITZER: We’ll proceed this dialog down the street for positive.

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To see the related transcript from October 13, click on here to learn it as a PDF.


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